Cojoin Analytics

Cojoin Analytics

Connect and join data from any source in the Cloud then do advanced reporting and analytics. Cojoin presented at the CloudBeat conference and their product was very impressive. Be sure to check out their excellent website.

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CloudBeat 2013

CloudBeat 2013

I attended CloudBeat in San Francisco this past Monday and Tuesday. It’s an annual event in it’s 3rd year put on by the good folks at Venture Beat

Check out the website, sponsors, and speakers. Some amazing people and products are being created for the Cloud which are revolutionizing the way we do business.

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Spotify – A Music Revolution

If you listen to music at all (who doesn’t?) then Spotify is worth checking out. It’s what I always hoped iTunes would become.

One more Roku 3 Article

I try not to pitch my company too much but this is a good article.

Sunrise Calendar App

Always on the search for a better calendar application as I feel the built in ones on mobile devices are minimal at best.

Sunrise combines Google and Facebook calendars into a slick interface.


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